Farmer's Mill - 2015

Ceramic Slides - € 1299


Editors and Reviewers!
Help us spread the news!

It's all about the music.


We invite all Editors and Reviewers around the globe
who may be interested by
"The Mill" idea to contact us.

Our pedal is
100% original and introduces something fresh and new
to the world of guitar pedals. 

Farmer's Mill cannot be compared to any other sound processing unit
since it is
not another overdrive, distortion, chorus, delay or compressor.

Simply said, there's never been anything like
Farmer's Mill before.

Press and Media Kit

If you are willing to publish/share our idea please be welcome
to download and use the following Press Release Materials.

Please make sure you let us know about publishing
Farmer's Mill or Ceramic Slides.



Press Release

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Ceramic Slides

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