Farmer's Mill - 2015

Improved, Expanded, Low price

Revolutionary way
to deal with
the guitar sound.

Now improved and expanded!

October 2013

The "Mill"

Farmer's Mill is a 100% electric mud grinder.
In other words it is an 
ultimate solution to break your guitar sound.
Yes - it does it pretty well! 

Does your
expression tend to run out of drive, master volume and gain? If you feel that your big sound is at its height then Farmer's Mill should be the next stop on your musical route

We bring you
Farmer's Mill in hope that your guitar record supported by our pedal
will become recognized as the rebellious and revolutionary one.


Farmer's Mill is original.

 We simply put sound breaking chaos in a guitar pedal before anyone else did
and released it for the first time on
April 1st 2012.

Farmer's Mill is analog.

 Our True Random Technology drives the sound breaking experience
and delivers pure chaos straight at your feet.

Farmer's Mill is heavy duty.

The casing dimensions are 18cm x 15,5cm x 3-5cm
and it's made of
1,5mm steel.

Commercial Soundtrack

SoundCloud -

Electric Mud - Full mode, 3. o'clock Mix&Rate , min Mill, 10. o'clock TNT)

SoundCloud -

Electric Mud - Low Range mode, 3. o'clock Mix&Rate , min Mill, 10. o'clock TNT)

SoundCloud -

Lickin' - Low Range mode, 11. o'clock TNT

SoundCloud -

Commercial Riff - Low Range mode, 1. o'clock TNT

SoundCloud -

Slippin' - Low Range mode

SoundCloud -

Mid Blues - Full mode, 9. o'clock Mix&Rate&Mill)

SoundCloud -

Just TNT - 0. Mix, 3. o'clock TNT

SoundCloud -

Hammond Music Sample - various settings

SoundCloud -

All sounds were recorded using the following gear:
Crushsound™ Farmer's Mill™ & Crushsound Ceramic Slides™
Gibson® Les Paul Standard™ - Bridge Pickup
Fender® HotRod Deluxe™ - Drive Channel set 6/12
MXL® 990

Also check out Hammond samples in the Great Stuff tab!


Farmer's Mill was developed under direction of Le 2 Workshop architects.

design was carried out being mindful of the aesthetical balance
 between appearance and functionality in order to let you
truly experience the potential of musical chaos.

The pedal is available in white and orange.
Each unit is
marked with a unique serial number hologram.


Located in the middle of "The Mill" logo. It engages the Farmer's Mill.
While turned on your sound is being
burned, crushed and damaged.

on hold it acts as a momentary switch.
Double click turns it on permanently until pressed again.


Specifies the amount of output wet signal
from delicate vintage dirt to a full crushed and demolished sound.

Full mode - max Rate&Mill

SoundCloud -

Low Range mode - max Rate&Mill

SoundCloud -


Lets you choose the rate of signal breaking.
It acts 
different than a typical time signature since there is no such in chaos.
You can have it
slower or faster and this is the way it works the best.

Full mode - max Mix - min Mill

SoundCloud -

Low Range mode - max Mix - min Mill

SoundCloud -

Mill - True Random Technology

The heart of the Farmer's Mill.
This single
knob lets you control the analogue chaos parameters.
Turning the knob clockwise
enhances the randomness of signal dropouts.
You can either choose to step into the similar electric mud or be surprised every single time.

The Mill is powered by our True Random Technology which means you will never hear a repeating pattern
as it always breaks the signal in an unpredictable manner.

Full mode - max Mix&Rate

SoundCloud -

Full mode - 3. o'clock Rate&Mill

SoundCloud -


Boosts your sound making it more rich and full-bodied!
TNT works only when the footswitch is engaged.
It can either
power up the sound-crushing or act as a regular boost when the Mix knob is rolled down.

Full mode - 3. o'clock Mix-Rate&Mill

SoundCloud -

Low Range mode - 3. o'clock Mix&Rate&Mill

SoundCloud -

Serious Sustain - 0. mix, TNT

SoundCloud -


From left:
Action - lights up on the signal breaking
Ready - lights up when the pedal is powered and ready to Mill 
TNT - shows the boost on-off state

Mode switch

There are three modes available: Full, Low Range, True Bypass.


Makes Farmer's Mill grind everything you play.
Full sonic spectrum gets shattered with no remorse!

Around E - Full Mode

SoundCloud -

Low Range

This unique feature selects only the low frequencies to be processed
and makes the
deepest electric mud start to mumble.
You've probably never heard anything like this before!

Around E - Low Range Mode

SoundCloud -

True Bypass

Whenever you wish to absolutely exclude Farmer's Mill
from the effects chain without having to touch the cables.

Clean Channel Behaviour - Full Mill -> Low Range -> TNT

SoundCloud -

Power source

Farmer's Mill runs on a single 9V battery or 9V centre negative power adapter.
Although the powering protection makes the pedal immune
to use of a wrong guitar adapter in most cases
it's always better to play by the rules.

In & Out

Signal input and output.